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Background artists needed for KILLING LINCOLN

Erica Arvold Casting is holding an OPEN CALL for BACKGROUND/EXTRAS for KILLING LINCOLN!

Open Call Date: Sunday, July 1st

Open Call Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Open Call Location:
Art Works
320 Hull Street
Richmond, VA 23224

(*see parking info below)

Shoot date(s): mid-July thru early-August, 2012

Shooting location: Richmond, VA

This is a period piece set in the Civil War era. Seeking thin, small to average height character actors for extra roles, group military scenes and theatre patron scenes.

The following are encouraged to attend:

  • Men (over 18 yrs) with facial hair, long beards, and long hair.
  • Women (over 18 yrs) with slight builds and long hair.
  • African American men and women (over 18 yrs) with slight builds and character faces.
  • Multi-ethnic males (30-45 yrs, African American/Indian/Caucasian) with excellent horseback skills.
  • Men and Women with stand-in experience (including a Caucasian male 6’4 – 6’6’).
  • Those over 18 yrs who look 13 – 17 yrs old.
  • Those certified in stage combat.
  • Those with stunt experience.
  • Those with excellent horseback skills.
  • And, if you are a Caucasian male (over 18 yrs), and are small (100 lbs) with stunt experience, please attend.

General notes:

  • NO visible tattoos please.
  • This is an AFTRA non-dramatic program contract.
  • Open call is OPEN to union and non-union members. All experience levels welcome.

*Parking: Pay close attention to street parking signs. Adjacent lot is available for $4. Free parking is in the closed fast food restaurant lot 1 block away.

If you have already been seen by Erica or Anne for a speaking role in KILLING LINCOLN and have filled out the information sheet (you did this at your audition) stating that YES, you would like to be considered as an extra, it is unnecessary to attend this open call. Know you are already in consideration! The day player roles have not yet been cast, and you will be considered first for a speaking role and then for an extra role.

Thank you!



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